Z Tejas in Tempe, Arizona

Z Tejas serves southwestern style cuisine which seems to be contemporary cross between American and Mexican, but without the traditional Mexican feel. The food is really quite good for a quasi-chain restaurant, with multiple locations and a consistent menu from location to location. I got the diabalo chicken pasta, which is about 1 grilled chicken breast, sliced and prepared over a linguine type pasta. It’s a bit spicy if you eat the peppers, but is amazing in the taste department. Since the place has a contemporary southwest/mex feel, you might want to go with the margaritas, which have a serious dose of tequila, probably about 2.5 shots per margarita, so make sure not to have more than two unless you feel like getting a little out of control. I usually get the Patron fuzion margarita, which literally has a shot of patron floating on top – excellent if you like patron! They have multiple restaurant locations, my favorites being in Tempe Arizona and Scottsdale Arizona, since they are my local spots.

Overall Cost Estimates:

  • Appetizers: $4-$9
  • Entre’s: $12-$20
  • Margaritas: $5-$9
  • Beer: $4-$5

Overall Rating & Suggestion:

  • Rating: 8.5 TD’s (Tasty Dishes)
  • Best for quite bite to eat before a night of drinking, a good lunch, a night out with a big group or a dinner with visitors in town (when you don’t want to blow your budget).

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