Mini Burgers at StaxStax burger bistro is an awesome little place. It used to be Ibiza cafe back in the day, and is located on Scottsdale road in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona. This place is pretty chic and has a cool environment, but isn’t stuffy. The service was ok, nothing stellar, but they might have been understaffed because they are new. The menu consists of gourmet burgers of all kinds, including beef, kobe beef and others like buffalo. They have some custom recommended burgers, or you can order ala carte and design your own burger. If you order ala carte, which I did, they have a ton of options for toppings to put on the burgers. Each burger is about 1/3 the size of a regular burger that you’d order at a restaurant, but you will probably only need 2, unless you are really hungry. Each burger ranges in price from $4 to $6. There is a full selection of wines, beers and regular hard liquor drinks.

I liked the atmosphere because it was half indoor half outdoor and was pretty chill especially for a Scottsdale Restaurant on Scottsdale road, which are often a bit stuffy. If you are looking for a first date spot this could be good, or just a good “let’s catch up” kind of restaurant to meet friends at. It could be a bit tough for a large group, and definitey not for a work function.

Overall Cost Estimate:

  • Appetizer’s: $4-$7
  • Entre’s: $4-6 per burger, you’ll need at least 2
  • Beer: $4 – $5
  • Wine: $7-12
  • Cocktails: $6 – $10

Overall Rating & Recommendation:

  • Great for a bite with a friend
  • Good for a casual/different first date
  • Good for a quick dinner before a night out in old town Scottsdale

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