Last Friday night we went to Javinos Wine Bar and Restaurant (which is in Scottsdale near the airpark). They had a $19 special for two lobster tails, asparagus and freshly cut grilled red potatoes – which was enough to get me to go there. My fiance had a personal pizza that was made to order and grilled in their wood-fire grill. They also had live music, and a huge wine bar. The cost of our meal was about $60 total, which was pretty awesome considering what we ate, and the quality of the food.

The food is new american food, which is a little of everything. They have seafood, pizza, red meat and chicken dishes. Overall the quality really was excellent, perhaps not quite as good at Eddie Matney’s place in Old Town (which is perhaps the best i’ve had yet in Arizona), but right up there – top notch. And a heck of a lot less expensive. The wine bar selection was extremely extensive as you can see in the picture, and the prices were standard Scottsdale wine prices – about $7 to $11 per glass for decent wine. The interior decor was great, and they really went all out, with the flooring, the bar supplies and the overall mood.

We were really pleased with the whole thing, but it was bizarre – there was almost no one there. We kind of felt bad for them. They had clearly done their homework and pulled out all the stops to bring a great dining environment to Scottsdale. After a little discussion, we felt it was probably the location (they are in front of a strip mall, although in a stand-along building), so maybe it “cheapens” the feel for most people. Hopefully more people go there so they can stay open long enough for me to head back again, it’s definitely worth it. I heard they do well for lunch since it’s in a pretty high traffic business area. Good luck Javinos!

Check Please:

  • Appetizers: $7-$13
  • Main Dish: $12-$30
  • Desserts: don’t know, we were stuffed

Last Thoughts:

  • We really wanted to go back
  • It’s all about the wine
  • Good pricing for high quality courses
  • No need for a reservation, at least not on a Friday


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