Barrio CafeBarrio Cafe is in a bit of a rough neighborhood in central Phoenix, hence the name “barrio”. But don’t let the neighborhood fool you, this is part of the charm of the restaurant. Once you’ve parked next to the “barred-up” windows and have found your way into the restaurant, it’s quite awesome. It’s a small place, but very authentic Mexican food. The plates are average size, and the meals are a little on the pricey side, especially for Mexican food. However, past that, the food is amazing, and the atmosphere is great with live music and a small drink bar providing a small, niche and very cool environment. The margaritas are excellent, not quite as stong as a z-tejas margarita, but really quite good. The food is not spicy Mexican, and is a bit unusual sounding with cloves, rosemary and other unique flavors found in really traditional, old school Mexican food, but not often in cookie-cutter Mexican places. Check out the chicken mole, it’s awesome.

Overall Pricing:

  • Margaritas: $6 – $7
  • Beer: $4 – $5
  • Entre’s: $15 – $25

Overall Rating & Recommendations

  • Great for a unique date
  • Get the margaritas or a Mexican beer
  • Thursday nights are often live music nights
  • Beware the neighborhood, it’s a bit rough looking, but don’t let that scare you
  • 9.0 for authentic and unusual Mexican food

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