Oreganos Pizza Bistro in Tempe, AZAnyone who is familiar with the area knows that Oregano’s is a valley-wide treasure.  If you can handle the wait which greatly varies given the day, time and specific location, you’ll definitely love the food.

The atmosphere is one of a small, casual, intimate diner set in the 40s and 50s.  Unfortunately the music is from that time period as well and they play it over and over and over.  However if you’re not one of the wait staff it probably won’t bother you over the course of your meal.

The menu is extensive with pizza/salad/pasta as their specialties.  Every dish is huge and easily split between two or more people.  They are also known for their cookie/ice cream dessert Pizza Cookie as well as their Bellinis.  Best of all, the price is extremely cheap!

The local chain recently merged with a national resturant company.  There is a good possibility you will see Oregano’s Pizza Bistros across the U.S.  Hopefully their great price and casual atmosphere stay the same.

Overall Cost Estimate:

  • Appetizer’s: $4-$7
  • Entrees:  $8-12
  • Beer: $4 – $5
  • Wine: $5-7

Overall Thoughts:

  • Great inexpensive food
  • Wonderful place to take someone visiting from out of town
  • Be prepared to search for a parking spot and possibly wait in line

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