Crab legs, stuffed mushrooms, chicken marsala and more round out one of the best salad bars in the valley, and that is just the beginning. Like a meat lovers hallucination, smiling waiters roam the floor of this Brazilian steakhouse, each carrying an enormous cut of meat on a skewer. Simply turn your block of wood green side up, and the meat begins to arrive. Beef filet, sausage, lamb and pork wielding waiters and waitresses continue to fill your plate until you flip your block to red. I’m not kidding, you flip a piece of wood to green side up and meat is delivered. The dinner price is all inclusive, making sampling everything a lot of fun. The constant action of the bustling waiters with their rotation of meats is entertaining, and Fogo e Brasa would make for an excellent first date restaurant. A knowledgeable sommelier is on call for advice on wine selection, and a large dessert cart rounds out the menu.

Overall Pricing:

  • $31 for dinner, all you can eat
  • $5-6 for alcohol drinks

Overall Rating & Recommendation:

  • Go with a big appetite and feast to your hearts content

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